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Spellers Story Club

Dive into a great story and conversation with friends!

Each month presents new opportunities to have fun, grow, and connect with fellow spellers.

For just $25/month, you’ll get access to our deliciously full and interesting story pack, our self-paced Group Discussion Page and Collective Storytelling Document, plus three Live Video Meetups: a Group Lesson, Story Discussion, and Extraordinary Activity. (See Calendar)

For spellers of all levels. Recommended for ages 13+.

The Extraordinary Story Packs

In our fun and engaging story packs, you’ll discover a variety of question types and activities.  Current stories typically feature a lesson about the author, a lesson about a related topic (covered in a live-video group lesson), story discussion questions (covered in a live-video story discussion), and three extraordinary activities.  Plus, new story packs include printer-friendly versions.

The Stories

Each story has its own age recommendations, but we aim to select stories appropriate for ages 13+. We strive for a diverse mix of stories, from classics to contemporary, featuring a variety of genres, time periods, and perspectives. Each story will include text and audio/video that is available for free online, and will usually range in length from 10-60 minutes.

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The Connection Opportunities


Interact anytime on our private Group Discussion Page and Group Storytelling Document.

We also meet at least three times per month for a 1-hour online video meeting:

  • Group Lesson: Learning about a story-related topic and practicing communication skills.

  • Story Discussion: Sharing responses to our story discussion questions.

  • Extraordinary Activity: Getting together to do something fun and different.

Times and days vary each month.  See upcoming Story Club events listed on our Calendar.

Upon purchase, the course materials can be accessed under the member's tab under Flourish Courses.
  • Spellers Story Club

    كل شهر
    Explore the wonderful world of stories with friends
    • A book-club experience for all spelling levels
    • Download a new story pack each month
    • Utilize awesome, freely available stories and audio
    • Share with friends on our self-paced discussion page
    • Connect for three 1-hr online video meetings
    • Contribute to our self-paced, creative group story
    • Access our growing bank of story packs
    • Expand beyond a typical lesson in a fresh way
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