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Spellers Story Club

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Craving something fun and unique? Plus flexible and affordable? Spellers Story Club offers a book club style experience and so much more! Each month presents new opportunities to have fun, grow, and connect with fellow spellers. Members receive a deliciously full and interesting story pack each month, featuring story-related lessons, story discussion questions, and extraordinary activities. Then choose your own adventure! Participate at your own pace on our Group Discussion Page and Group Storytelling Document, and/or join us for Video Meetings 3x/month for a Story Discussion, Group Lesson, and Extraordinary Activity. This experience is for spellers of all levels. Recommended for ages 13+. All stories are accessible for free online, usually in both text and audio formats, and typically range from 10-60 min. So dive into a great story with fellow spellers today!

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2 pakker tilgjengelige, Fra USD 25,00/month


Dette programmet er knyttet til en gruppe. Du blir lagt til når du blir med i programmet.

Spellers Story Club

Spellers Story Club

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