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There are so many great organizations and projects doing good work in this world.  It is our honor to collaborate with each of these communities.


A training program for those who support students using text-based multimodal communication in educational settings.

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We envision a world where all nonspeaking people are listened to, valued and fully included in all aspects of society.  From day programming, housing, and training: We prioritize the voices of nonspeakers.

Donations made will bring this much needed innovation to life. 

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"We believe in teaching communication, presuming competence, and providing quality education."

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Aspiring to develop individuals empowered by alternative forms of communication to realize their potential and become meaningfully included in school and community settings.

Donations made will help make text-based communication more accessible.

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Idyllwild Pines is partnering with Autistically Inclined to create an autism-friendly communication-based camp experience for the whole family.

Donations made to the "Autism Family Spellers Camp" fund will directly help make this happen.

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We have partnered with some great organizations in Pakistan to bring nonspeaking people a reliable voice in underserved areas.  Resources and support are limited in Pakistan.  With the exchange rate, families are not able to access  training outside of their country.  

Our goal is to provide support to underserved families.

Provide scholarships.

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