Autistically Inclined Quick Start Guide-
Autistically Inclined Quick Start Guide.

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Will my child's speech be negatively affected if he uses a communication device?

Side note: I do not like this video player... I like to see how long the video is and to have the ability to skip ahead or back, and to adjust volume, etc.  I like the other video players much better.

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How do I know if alternative communication is a fit for my child?

Even if you are not sure if alternative communication is a fit for your child, start with Sprout.  We will offer you refreshing mindsets and different ways to experience life with your loved one.

Then we can give them a reason to give us their email address.  If they would like a quick start reference printable guide and a sneak peek at the sprout mindsets, we will email it to them immediately.  We will also be respectful of their inbox and only send our newsletter, once a month, to let them know what opportunities we have that month. (?Is that our plan?) 

Then we can email the two pdfs below.

I would love to see a mini-jpeg version of it on the site so they can see what they are getting.

This document is called Autistically Inclined Quick Start Guide.

This PDF goes with the email as well.  It is the Sprout Mindset Sneak Peek.

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