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Creating & Managing Site Access (Video)

We know tech issues can be frustrating! We hope to make your experience easier if you find yourself stuck. This video will help you navigate our members area.

Why become a site member?

  • Receive our newsletters with announcements and more (don't worry, we won't inundate your inbox!).

  • Manage your account (view or cancel a session, edit notifications, connect with others, get special access to our perks).

  • Connect with others (becoming a member of the site is free and when you purchase a membership kit, your community access will grow).

What specifically will this video help me do?

  • Become a site member

  • Login

  • Set up your profile

  • Access your bookings

  • Manage subscriptions and notifications

  • Learn how to make your profile private

  • Get a sneak peek inside Sprout & Grow

  • Learn how to access your kits

  • Utilize comments

  • Get a mini peek at perks.

All of that in well-under 3 minutes! Whew! Please let us know if you have any additional questions in the comments below.

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Angie Lopez
Angie Lopez
Nov 28, 2021

Hello. I couldn’t access this video.

Julie Sando
Julie Sando
Nov 29, 2021
Replying to

You guys are the best! That makes my heart sing!! ❤️ 🎶 Hello to the whole fam!!!

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