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Jordyn's Rocky Journey (Video)


The mind-body disconnect in our friends with Autism can be a mind-boggling situation. We've seen so many of our non-speaking, limited-speaking, and unreliably-speaking kids (and adults) fall into the familiar motor loops (e.g. scripting, watching YouTube clips repetitively, wanting you to interact in a certain way, etc.). These motor loops can take over our lives and impact what our students are able to freely express.

It is important to find a balance, creating a happy medium, so that their motor loops bring comfort, without getting stuck.

We believe, and have been shown by so many of these guys and gals, that they are INTELLIGENT and taking everything in. The great challenge is in helping our friends with Autism develop new, PURPOSEFUL motor pathways to express outwardly what's going on internally.

If you're curious to learn more about what this mind-body disconnect can be like, and better understand our non-speaking and limited-speaking friends, we highly recommend watching this 26-minute documentary below.

  • This documentary features Jordyn along with his mom Kelli and friend Caveman Jake, who are a part of our Natural Play Therapy and Spelling Family. You will see an insightful glimpse into Jordyn's journey of reconnecting his mind with his body.

If you are interested in connecting and communicating more with your loved one, come Sprout, Grow, and Flourish toward a life reimagined with us!

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Jordyn's insights into friendship are so incredible and will be inscribed upon my heart forever.

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