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Finger pointing at a letter on a full alphabet letter board, with a beach in the background.

where humans connect & voices flourish 

We're here to help you...

Flourish True Connection & Communication

We all know there is so much more inside your autistically inclined loved one, and it is heartbreaking when you don't know how to help them access their inner voice.

We are here to hold your hand, one balanced step at a time, as you discover how to connect with their inner voice. Gain instant access to actions you can take right now. It all starts here.

Welcome to Autistically Inclined...

 I'm Julie Sando, your playful leader."

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Our Dual Focus Makes us Unique



Connect with your student & community

Cultivate a deeper level of connection through the ageless, human principles of Natural Play Therapy. When we embrace our roots of what it means to relate as humans, we flourish as humans together.



Communicate with your student & community

Expand your child's inner voice to its infinite potential by uniting their brain and body to purposefully spell their thoughts by using the alphabet. When we give our kids the tools to express themselves more fully, we flourish with new possibilities.