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A Voice Is A Basic Human Right

Every day that you can't hear your autistic loved one's thoughts, insights, dreams, and true intentions is a day that feels incomplete.

You have done everything in your power to seek out all the best supports to hear your child's voice.

What if that voice can be heard by systematically learning how to help your student learn to purposefully point to 1 of 26 letters?

The answer is that they will then have limitless possibiltles for what they are able to share.

And what they have to say, will blow your mind!

A1 Teen and Mom


New Awareness:
Online beginner program that presents 9 game-changing mindsets to spark new possibilities for you and your student.



Everyday Actions:

Online intermediate program that shares guiding principles to immediately put into play and learning.



A Reimagined Life:

Ongoing monthly membership that shares a wealth of tools to expand connection and communication into your daily life.

How Can We Best Support You?

We offer ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT for aspiring and seasoned communication partners, with a focus on community, personalization, and simplicity.

We ignite and unite the VOICES of parents, professionals, and people who are autistically inclined in the pursuit of authentic CONNECTION and COMMUNICATION.​

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Sprout Mindset Sneak Peek-2.png
  • Refresh your outlook with these 9 game-changing mindsets.

  • Watch short, entertaining and visually pleasing videos on your own time.

  • 30-day access to hold you accountable.

  • Lay foundational groundwork by strengthening your connection before diving into communication.

Dip Your Toes In

  • Sprout Kit

    Cultivating New Awareness: 2 hours
    Valid for one month
    • Connect & Communicate
    • 9 Mindset Videos
    • Sprout Downloadable Guidebook
    • Sprout Lesson Pack
    • See The World From A Different Lens
  • Grow Kit

    Implementing Everyday Actions: 2 + 1.5 hours
    Valid for one month
    • Everything In Sprout Plus:
    • 9 Guiding Principles Videos
    • Grow Downloadable Guidebook
    • Grow Lesson Pack
    • Bring Extra Love & Action In Your Life!
  • Flourish Light

    Every month
    A Life Reimagined: Dip Your Toes In
    • Everything In Sprout & Grow ($40 value)
    • 2 Group Spelling Lessons/Month (60 min/$100/month value)
    • Accountability through scheduling regular group lessons
    • Flourish Connect & Communicate: Getting Started Course
    • 50% off our Lesson Library

Monthly auto-renew for Flourish Kits. Cancel or pause anytime.

Forget dipping my toes in....

I am ready to go all in.  I want to learn how to become a communication partner.  

I want to do everything I can to help unlock my autistic loved one's inner voice.

I need accountability, community, and flexibility.

Mom's Hug

You more than anyone ever have made the biggest impact in our spelling journey... because you gave me permission to not have to be in my head about the rules.  Once we relaxed we took off because of you and the incredible class you created. We became open-ended. 

Mom, AZ


This is How We Flourish

We start where you are.

We honor the fullness and realness of life in its ebbs and flows.

We hear your voice.

We cultivate partnerships in which we all learn from and with one another.

We lighten the way.

We relieve the heaviness with clear steps in a balanced approach.

We see you through.

We empower you to continue moving forward with confidence.

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