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3 Day Spellers Family Camp

A camp experience for neurodivergent humans who use text-based multimodal communication & their families.


Everyone is included.

Parents have fun.  Siblings connect.

Spellers make new friends and might see some old friends too!

Connect & Communicate

At Camp
Meet some of the families and team members from our very first camp in 2022.

What is Speller's Family Camp?

It is your next family vacation!
  • Experience a safe and inclusive camp environment.

  • Participate in the world in a bigger way.

  • Build confidence and bravery when trying new things.

  • Be surrounded by top-notch professionals.

  • Persevere through challenges with the emotional and motor support of our highly trained team.

  • Enjoy family-focused text-based communication activities.

  • Enrich connections among siblings, family, and new friends.

  • Regulate with nature at the beautiful Idyllwild Pines Camp.

11112023-November Spellers Camp Saturday-341.jpg

What Happens At Camp?

Your vacation is filled with camp activities for the whole family.  Depending on the season, we will feature a variety of activities like boomer ball, hill-slide, big swing, hiking, campfires, music, spelling, friendship, and more!

Where Is Camp?

Idyllwild Pines Camp & Conference Center

26375 HWY 243, Idyllwild, CA 92549

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20230520-May Spellers-160.jpg
11112023-November Spellers Camp Saturday-121.jpg

How Much Does It Cost?

Camp: $2960 - $660 Teva Scholarship = $2300

Meals:  $116/person for 7 meals

Lodging: From $78-103/night (2 nights)

Thank you to Idyllwild Pines for the discount on meals & lodging. 

Thank you to Teva Community for the scholarships!

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Teva Community in Prescott, AZ, is a proud sponsor of camp in Idyllwild, CA!  Their support is continuing to make an impact in 2024!  Each of our 36 families are receiving a $660 scholarship.  This brings a $2960 camp fee down to $2300, plus food and lodging. 
We are so grateful for all that Teva does to support our neurodiversity-affirming community.

All Camps Are Full - Get Notified Of Openings

20230826-August Spellers Camp Saturday-2500.jpg

Step 1

Pick Your 2024 Dates​

  • April 5-7 (Full)

  • May 3-5 (Full)

  • August 23-25 (Full)

20230520-May Spellers-160.jpg
11112023-November Spellers Camp Saturday-467.jpg
11112023-November Spellers Camp Saturday-467.jpg

Step 2

Get your payment method ready


  • If you have a guaranteed funding source such as CA Regional Center's Self Determination, and you need to do payment offline, proceed with these steps to secure your spot and select the offline payment option at checkout.

  • All non-funding payments are due upon registration.  

  • Tip: Paying via Venmo with a direct payment from a checking/savings account can help avoid credit card fees. Select the offline payment option at checkout and immediately follow the Venmo link in our confirmation email.

20230826-August Spellers Camp Saturday-2500.jpg

Step 3

Pick Your Lodging​.
If needed, compare lodging details below.

20230825-August Spellers Camp Friday-1477.jpg

Lodging Details

Lodging Gallery

Get a feel for the accommodations.


All cabins and camp spots are booked for 2024.

Compare Lodging

All cabins include a refrigerator (mini size in Specialty Cabins, full size in  VIP and Community Housing), microwave, and coffee pot.  They have heat, but no AC.  All queen beds have bedding provided; single or twin beds require bedding (which we can provide if you are flying to camp).



  • Who can attend?
    Your whole family and/or extra supporters are encouraged to attend camp! Parents, siblings, communication partners, aides, extended family members, etc. are all welcome! It’s up to you to secure lodging and meals for all your group members.
  • What is the typical age range of spellers at camp?
    A wide range of ages enjoy Spellers Family Camp. We are passionate about honoring age and presuming competence based on the age of our students. We design activities and cultivate connections with age in mind. Typically about ⅓ of campers are ages 5-11, ⅓ are 12-17, and ⅓ are 18+.
  • What if I or someone I know wants to volunteer at camp?
    Volunteers receive free training, meals, and lodging with our team. It’s a rewarding opportunity to learn, connect, and experience the joys of camp while supporting Autism families. Volunteers must be 18+ or be accompanied by a guardian. Please direct potential volunteers to our Volunteer Application.
  • What are the staff’s specialties?
    We have put a diverse team together to support you on your vacation! Our team’s specialties include text-based communication practice, regulation practice, occupational therapy, music therapy, play therapy, massage therapy, reiki, and more!
  • Will there be any other people at camp besides the Spellers Family Camp group?
    Yes, there will be other groups on the camp property, such as choir groups, school groups, corporate groups, outdoor survival groups, etc., as well as Idyllwild Pines Camp & Conference Center staff. We will have reserved spaces for our group activities, and other groups will have their own areas reserved. Idyllwild Pines Camp & Conference Center goes a step beyond by educating their staff and informing other groups about Autism and our group, in an effort to create an inclusive, safe, more understanding, and friendly camp environment for all. The director of the camp has a daughter who a speller, so the culture is extra welcoming and understanding.
  • Will there be an on-site nurse?
    There is a registered nurse (who is also a mom of a speller) who attends as many camps as she can with the intention of being available to assist with any medical issues. Additionally, the local fire department has ambulance access and is located within five minutes of camp.
  • How do I register for an upcoming camp?
    Camp registration for all camps opens early in the year. Join our Camp Information Mailing List to receive notifications about when registration opens and any spots that become available due to cancellations. You may also wish to learn about our other types of camps we offer.
  • How can I make sure I get a spot at camp or a particular cabin?
    Whether you have been to camp before or not, whether we know you or not, every family has an equal opportunity to register for camp, and spots are provided on a first come, first serve basis. To avoid any discrimination, we don't hold any of our 12 spots/camp for anyone, no matter how much we love them! The best way to get a spot and your cabin of choice is to be prepared by researching the cabin options, having a payment plan in place, and registering at the time registration opens.
  • Do you accept any funding sources?
    Families have had great success receiving funding through California Regional Centers Self Determination. We are not a vendor of the California Regional Center, however we are vendored with Self Determination funding agencies. Self Determination typically covers the cost of the Regional Center client (2024 cost: $2300 + $116 for meals + variable housing rate for the camper) but other family member costs typically have to be paid out of pocket (2024 cost: $116/person for meals). It may be important for them to know that our camp is inclusive with family members of all abilities participating in activities. Some families have had success using CA Regional Center funds under Social Recreation. Every Regional Center is different. We recommend contacting your service coordinator for details. We also have had some success accepting Class Wallet and ESA funds for Arizona Families, if applicable. Direct your billing questions to
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Because you are securing a limited spot at camp, we can't provide a refund, unless your spot is filled. A refund minus a $250 deposit can be issued if the spot you cancel gets booked by another family and is paid in full. The more advance notice you give us, the higher the chance is for your spot to be filled.
  • What if I’m not sure how many in my family will be attending?
    We ask that you do your best to anticipate how many in your group will be attending. However, we know that life happens! If you need to add or remove a member after registration, you may contact us prior to camp so we may adjust meals and participant numbers accordingly. Removing a family member may result in a small processing fee to cover any fees incurred on our end.
  • Can I change the cabin I reserved?
    No, unfortunately because cabin options are limited and we book all the available cabins with families, we are unable to change the cabin you reserved. If you would like to cancel the cabin you reserved and stay off-site, please contact us to explore your options.
  • Can we come early or stay late, adding extra days in our cabin?
    If the cabin is available, Idyllwild Pines will extend their discounted rate to you. The reservation extension will have to take place after you book your 2 night stay. Step 1) Email, sharing that you would like to extend your stay for Spellers Family Camp. Please tell her which cabin you are in and the dates of your current stay and which dates you'd like to add onto the reservation. Step 2) If there is availability, email, sharing the same info, requesting an invoice. Payment is done through Autistically Inclined as we pay the camp for accommodations. Still have housing questions? Email

Still Have Questions?

The Story Of Camp At Idyllwild Pines


The Inspiration Of Camp At Idyllwild Pines

Meet Naiya.  Naiya is a sweet girl with a big heart.  She is sure to put a smile on your face.  She has a beautiful singing voice.  However, she isn't able to get all her thoughts out through speech.  She is learning how to communicate by pointing at letters on a letter board (text-based AAC). 
Her dad, Kelly, is the Director at Idyllwild Pines Camp & Conference Center. Their family lives on the camp property

She has been through quite a few challenges with her health.  This has limited her ability to get out in the world.  It is hard for her to leave the house most days. Camp gives her a safe space where she can gain exposure to community.

The board of directors of the camp is passionate about helping provide opportunities for friendship, fun, and communication for nonspeaking autistic people like Naiya, and their families.
Thank you Idyllwild Pines Camp & Conference Center for opening up your property and for welcoming our community with open arms.  Thank you for donating significant time and resources to help make this camp possible!

Thank you to our amazing photographer for capturing all these beautiful moments at camp.
Katherine Andrews Photography

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