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Comparing Ourselves to Others


Have you noticed all the amazing things others are doing? It's tough not to notice! We see the highlights on social media and hear about the most exciting, game-changing things our friends are achieving.

It can be so easy to start comparing ourselves to others, seeing all those things we could be doing, and judging ourselves for the things we do and don't do. Seeing that can lead to feelings of crumminess, overwhelm, sadness, etc...​​​​​​

Playing with Perspective

How might we see the achievements of others in a way that feels good?

What if you saw everyone else in the world as your teammates? They are here playing their unique role in this game of life, and you are here to play your unique role. And what if you direct more loving awareness to what you are doing?

Here's an idea: Every time you marvel at what others are doing, celebrate yourself for what YOU are doing! Balance your celebrations. This is 50/50 appreciation. Some love for you and some love for me!

The things others are doing are wonderful! The things you are doing are wonderful! And how wonderful it is that we can all play this wondrous game of life together.

Intrigued by this perspective shift? We've got so much more!

Check out all our mindsets and Sprout New Awareness!

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