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How We Got Our Competence Pants (Video)


Our students become family here at Autistically Inclined.

Pamela and her husband Kelly put this tribute together to share with their classmates at the end of their flourish connect course.

  • They share about what life was like before NPT (Natural Play Therapy = Connect) and what life is like with NPT.

  • They also talk about what our community means to them.

  • They define what NPT is.

If you are wanting to wear your competence pants more and more, just like Kelly and Pamela, then you will want to see how they did it!

Listen to their words. See their playfulness. Celebrate their growth. And smile with them! Fun is guaranteed in this video!

Feel the sense of community and special bond we create through their sharing.

Note: At the time Kelly & Pamela took their NPT Connect classes, it was a nine-month experience. Over time our services evolve so be sure to check out what Flourish looks like now, so that you can start on your path toward your reimagined life.

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