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Success With Games


When many people think of games to play with someone who has a disability, they don't often think of playing games that already exist. They might spend a lot of time making up their own game based on the child's apparent motivations. Or they might purchase a game that is made for a person who needs extra support.

However, when we dream, we think about how our child can be more included in the world around them. Games is a great place to start! Think about games you enjoyed when you were their age. Think about games the whole family would enjoy. You don't have to invent a fancy game. Check out your current board games at home!

Create a more inclusive and fulfilling experience by using regular games that already exist.

  • Customize the games to fit with where you and your child are at. If a game seems too challenging, think about how to make it easier for them. What role can they easily play in the game? Don't be afraid to bend the rules, because rules are meant to be broken!

  • If your child communicates through spelling, try bringing one of these games into a lesson! Or if your child is fairly fluent in his or her spelling, try bringing their means of communicating into the games. In either case, remember that they may need to warm up their logical brain before jumping into anything beyond what they are used to; meet them where they are and create balanced steps for them!

  • If your child struggles to do things with their body, help them out by first believing they can do it, and then persistently prompting their body to follow through. For example, if you're playing Twister, you could prompt them to move their right foot to green by saying, "Bring this foot here. Get it. Move your foot." And if needed, you could tap the green circle or touch their right foot to bring that awareness to it.

If you are craving extra support for creating more games that spark connection and communication with your loved one, check out our Learning Kits!

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