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Creating Confidence When I'm Not Confident


Once upon a time, I put lots of pressure on myself to show up in a certain way with the families I worked with: joyful, passionate, and most especially, confident.

Yet, there were so many moments when I didn't have confidence because I simply wasn't sure what was best to do. So I would begin to doubt myself, to judge myself, and in turn feel down and paralyzed.

Can you relate?

What did I do?

I took a breath and accepted that I wasn't feeling confident.

Then I asked: What am I confident about?

The answer that bubbled up was:

I'm confident that I'm not confident!

BINGO! Yes, I was quite confident indeed that I didn't know for sure what was best to do. It actually felt soooooo good to have confidence in something, even if it was in my own not knowing.

And it may sound strange, but that was a HUGE SHIFT for me! It was FREEING. It took the pressure off and allowed me to grow and flow in new, expansive ways.

There's something relieving about accepting where we are in our journey of becoming who we are meant to be. Acceptance doesn't mean we stop growing or become disempowered. It means being gentle and compassionate with ourselves, having confidence that we're not there YET.

I'm confident that where you are right now is EXACTLY where you are supposed to be!

When I became confidently not confident, I became a more powerful partner to the kids and families I work with! Hiding our weakness is not an inspiring trait. Feeling good about not knowing all the answers, is a game-changer!

Dedicating a little bit of time to the way in which we experience life makes a BIG difference in our day to day lives.

Learn about similar mindsets in our Sprout New Awareness series:

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