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Are You Under Pressure?


What role does pressure play in your life?

Are you UNDER pressure or are you OVER pressure?

If you are feeling under pressure, you are definitely not alone under there. In fact, many of us are used to living this way that it feels, dare we say, normal. Some pressure can be helpful in our lives, until it takes over.

Think of one area where you are feeling UNDER PRESSURE.

How about for today, you decide to be OVER PRESSURE?!

When you catch yourself feeling pressure, switch to TRUST instead.

• Trust it will all work out; it always seems to in the end anyway.

• Trust you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

• Trust there is something for you to gain from this moment, even if you are stressed.

Find something to TRUST in and feel the pressure lift off your shoulders. Take note of what happens when you step over that pressure bridge.

How is life with less pressure? How does your child or student respond when pressure is lifted from them?

Are you feeling ready for more mind-shifts like this? Come Sprout New Awareness with us and take a dive into nine refreshing mindsets with us, including TRUST!

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