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What If My Child Has Speech? (Videos - Interactive)


This is a common concern for many parents when trying to decide if alternative communication is needed.

If my child has speech, why would they need a communication device? I am afraid a device will inhibit speech.

We like to consult with the best experts here at Autistically Inclined. Who are the best experts? Those who are Autistically Inclined.

We asked Elliot, a young man whose speaking voice is very active, and he uses a keyboard to communicate.

Elliot wrote:

Thank you for sharing your honest feelings. This is understandable. And I can assure you that your son has as much as any other boy his age has to say. So while his purposeful and expanding speech is exciting, know there is so much more.  Unless he can express paragraphs meaningfully then I would hate to deny him a voice. Please know that this letter board will not replace his voice. it will enhance his voice. And it will help him be more purposeful. It will open his world. Not close it. I promise you it will add and multiply his abilities. Not subtract or divide.

In this interactive video, we help you decide if alternative communication is relevant for your loved one.

Our friends Kelly and Pamela shared with their community when they embarked on their journey into the land of spelling. They have seen their daughter's speaking voice expand and didn't think the spelling route was for them, until they heard from their most trusted sources.

Come Sprout New Awareness with us!

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