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Our volunteers tend to come back for multiple camps because of the impact of the camp experience.  We are so grateful for the support because volunteers make camp possible.

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No experience necessary

Training provided

Variety of personalized roles available

Volunteer Roles

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Connect With Families

We love getting to know the families who participate in camp!  Volunteers are welcome to connect with families to help them feel welcome and at home.  Ask questions, chat, and make new friends!


Assist In Camp Activities

We have all sorts of active fun from hill slides, to tree swings, and boomer ball.  Our volunteers who are comfortable with this role, get involved and help our campers participate.

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Offer Regulation Support

Some volunteers like to help support campers when they could use some extra attention.  They may offer squeezes, comfort, or anything that helps with regulation.

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Have A Special Skillset?

It is the best feeling to offer free services to our much deserving families.  Massage therapists, yoga instructors, photographers, videographers, and any other service that can help our families feel pampered and cared for.  Let us know what you do!

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Inclusive Participation

Volunteers can join in the fun when possible.  Do yoga, sing campfire songs, play sports, make s'mores, and enjoy the camp experience!

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Set up, Clean up, Transitions

Between all of us we divide and conquer.  With all the events, there is always a room that needs to be set up, a box that needs to be delivered, or a staff member that could use assistance.

Be A Part Of Our Team

We love meeting new people and expanding our community.

Volunteers come in from all over the country!

Where Is Camp?

Idyllwild Pines Camp & Conference Center

26375 HWY 243, Idyllwild, CA 92549

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When Are Volunteer Opportunities?

Arrive Thursday afternoon. 

Leave Sunday evening or Monday morning.

  • April 4-7

  • May 2-5

  • August 22-25

What Is My Commitment?

  • Volunteers receive free training, meals, and lodging with our team. It’s a rewarding opportunity to learn, connect, and experience the joys of camp while supporting Autism families.

  • Volunteers arrive Thursday afternoon, the day before families arrive, for training and set up.  They have the option to leave Sunday evening or Monday morning. 

  • A self-paced online course will need to be completed before arriving at camp. 

  • We will also meet for a short (live/recorded) Zoom team meeting before camp.  

  • Volunteers must be 18+ or be accompanied by a guardian.

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Thank you to our amazing photographer for capturing all these beautiful moments at camp.
Katherine Andrews Photography

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